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Assoc Prof Viniti Vaish
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
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Viniti has a Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. Her research interests are in the broad area of bilingualism and biliteracy. More specifically Viniti has been working on how translanguaging, in the classroom, home and society, can be measured, analyzed and manipulated to achieve optimal biliteracy and bilingualism. Viniti speaks Hindi, English and Urdu. She reads and writes in English and Hindi. Her publications have appeared in: World Englishes, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, Language and Education, Cambridge Journal of Education, International Journal of Multilingualism, Linguistics and Education and Language Policy. Viniti's latest book, published by Springer, is titled “Translanguaging in Multilingual English Classrooms: Asian Perspectives and Contexts”.
Viniti's research areas include Bilingualism and biliteracy,cross linguistic transfer in bilinguals,enhancing bilingualism, and measurement of expressive languages in bilinguals through qualitative and quantitative means.
  • Leisure Reading in Two Languages: Reading Habits and Preferences of Bilingual Children in Singapore
  • Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP)
  • Biliterate Shared Book Intervention with Disadvantaged Preschoolers
  • Growth in Bilingual & Biliteracy Proficiency: Environmental, Individual & Experiential Factors (GIBBER)