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Assoc Prof Poon Mui Cheng, Angelia
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
Journal Articles (Central)
Poon, A. (in press). "Critical Introduction to Suchen Christine Lim."., Online..

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Books (Central)
Vincent, Esther & Poon, Angelia (Eds.). (2021). Making Kin: Ecofeminist Essays from Singapore (PP. 200). Singapore: Ethos Books.

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Book Chapters (Central)
Poon, A. (in press). 'The Cosmopolitan Imagination in Contemporary Singapore Literature.'. In Mayasari-Hoffert, S. (Ed.), The Cosmopolitan Imagination in Southeast Asian Literature.(PP. TBA). London: Routledge.

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Poon, A., & Sim W.C. (2007). "I ntroduction". In Poon, A., & Sim W. C. (Eds.), Island Voices: A Collection of Short Stories from Singapore.(PP. 5- 12). Singapore: Learners.

Conference Papers (Central)

Conference Papers Without Proceedings

Poon, A. (2021, June). Panel: Uncharted Territories, 1965- 1990.. Paper presented at Singapore Literature Symposium 2021, Singapore.

Poon, A. (2020, June). "Re-invention in a Globalized World:(Mis)reading and Metafictional Strategies in Tash Aw's Five Star Billionaire.". Paper presented at Global Cities: Culture, Ecology, World Literature, Singapore/ Zoom, Singapore.

Poon, A. (2019, December). Humor and Singapore History in Sebastian Sim's Let's Give It Up for Gimme Lao!. Paper presented at English in Southeas t Asia Conference, Singapore.

Poon, A. (2019, July). Singapore Anglophone Poetry: 1990 and Beyond. Paper presented at Singapore Literature Conference, Singapore.

Poon, A. (2018, November). Critical Cosmopolitanism in English Language and Literature Education (Invited plenary speaker). Paper presented at Maranatha International Conference on Language, Literature, and Culture 2018, Bandung, Indonesia.

Poon, A. (2017, August). "Contesting Race, Gender and Sexuality in Southeast Asian Literature: From Colonial Past to Postcolonial Present." Laboratory Session.. Paper presented at Ninth EUROSEAS Conference, Oxford University, United Kingdom.

Poon, A. (2016, April). "Literary Inheritances of the City:Singapore in its Literature.". Paper presented at Inheriting the City: Advancing Understandings of Urban Heritage.Organised by the Ironbridge Internat ional Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham., Taipei, Taiwan.

Poon, A. (2015, March). Helping the Novel: Neoliberalism, Self-help and the Narrating of the Self in Mohsin Hamid's How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia. Paper presented at International Narrative Conference 2015, Chicago, United States.

Poon, A. (2014, October). "The Singapore Writers' Festival". Paper presented at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) conference: "A History of Arts and Cultural Policies in Singapore", Singapore.

Poon, A. (2014, May). Teaching English Literature for a Global World. Paper presented at 2014 Hwa Kang International Conference on English Language & Literature, Taipei, Taiwan.

Poon, A. (2013, May). "Tudung" Stories: Alfian Sa'at and the Politics of Veiling and Malay-Muslim Belonging in Multicultural Singapore. Paper presented at The Asian Confere nce on Cultural Studies 2013, Osaka, Japan.

Poon, A. (2011, May). Colonial Modernity and George Orwell's _Burmese Days_. Paper presented at George Orwell in Asia Conference, Tai Chung, Taiwan.

Poon, A. (2008, December). Literature in a Global City: Some Issues in Singapore Writing in E nglish and Literature Teaching in Schools. Paper presented at English in Southeast Asia Conference 2008: The 13th International Conference on English in Southeast Asia, Singapore.

Poon, A. (2007, September). Singapore Literature in English: 1990- the present. Paper presented at ISEAS Fo rum: Contesting Canons for the City-State: English Language Writing from Raffles to Our Time, Singapore.

Poon, Angelia (2006, September). Mining the Past: Responsibility, Historical Fiction and Suchen Christine Lim's _A Bit of Earth_. Paper presented at Irresponsibility: NTU School of Human ities Inaugural Literature Conference, Singapore.

Angelia Poon Mui Cheng (2005, July). Lost and Found: Cultural Difference and Individual Identity in the Cinematic Global City. Paper presented at AULLA and FIILM Joint Congress, Cairns, Australia.

Angelia Poon Mui Cheng (2005, May). Cur ricular Coherence in the Teaching of English Literature. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy: Research, Policy, Practice, Singapore.

Angelia Poon Mui Cheng (2001, March). Constructing a Male Body Language: Gender and Imperial Relations in H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines and Alla n Quatermain.. Paper presented at Beyond No Man's Land: Exploring the Limits of Gendered Bodies and Boundaries: 2001 Harvard Interdisciplinary Graduate Gender Studies Conference, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Angelia Poon Mui Cheng (2001, January). Traveling and Being English in the Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands. Paper presented at Midwest MLA, Cleveland, United States.

Creative Works (Central)
Poon, A. (2021). "Travelling in Place" in Making Kin: Ecofeminist Essays from Singapore [ Short Work ].Singapore

Vincent, E. & Poon, A. (2021). Making Kin: Ecofeminist Essays from Singapore. [ Large Work ].Singapore

Poon, A. (2009). Excerpt from 'Round Trip' reprinted in _Intercultural Language Activities_ by John Corbett, Cambridge University Press, 2010. [ Short Work ].Cambridge

Poon, A. (2006). "Round Trip" in Silverfish New Writing 6: A Collection of Short Fiction from Malaysia, Singapore and Beyond [ Short Work ].Kuala Lumpur

Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues (Central)

Editorships of Special Issue of Journal

Poon, A. (Ed.) (2012). Commentary, Special issue on the Arts: A Portrait of the Arts in Singapore, 24.

Keynote Addresses

Poon, A. (2021, July). The 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences and the Humanities.. KEY NOTE ADDRESS, "Literature in the Digital Age.", Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Poon, A. (2017, October). Writing Malaysia and Singapore: Shared Pasts, Global Futures. Symposium at the Open University, London.. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Rewriting the Past: Queering Time an d Space in Contemporary Singapore Literature, London, United Kingdom.

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)


Poon, A. (2015). [Review of Yap, A. The Collected Poems of Arthur Yap, Noon at Five O'Clock: The Collected Short Stories of Arthur Yap; Common Lines and City Spaces: A Critical Anthology on Arthur Yap]. Moving Worlds: A Journal of Transcultural Writings, 132- 140.

Poo n, A. (2014). [Review of Han, S.Y And the Rain My Drink]. Asiatic, 359-362.

Poon, A. (2009). [Review of Lim, S.C. _Rice Bowl_ and _A Bit of Earth_]. Asiatic, 115-117.

Technical Reports or Monographs

Poon, A. (2022, November). Literature Review on Singapore Literat ure in English., 82.

Poon, A. (2006, January). Curricular Coherence in the Teaching of Literature at the Upper Secondary Levels, 26.

Workshops and Seminars

Ang, A.; Vincent, E.; Loh, C. E.; Poon, A. (2023, May). Poetry Moves Workshop.

Poon, A. (2022, April). Talk at Ed U Hong Kong- "Form and Cosmopolitan Diversity in the Contemporary Singapore Novel: Claire Tham's The Inlet and Akshita Nanda's Nimita's Place.".

Poon, A. (2021, October). Yale-NUS talk- "Facing the World in Contemporary Singapore Fiction: the Chinese Family and the Cosmopoli tan Imagination in Crazy Rich Asians and Soy Sauce for Beginners.".

Poon, A. (2015, February). Introduction to Literature.

Poon, A. (2013, March). STU "O" level Literature Seminar.

Poon, A. (2012, November). Singapore Literature for Reluctant Readers.

Poon, A. (2012, February). 'A' level Literature Colloquium.

Poon, A. (2011, August). 'A' level Literature Syllabus Seminar.

Poon, A. (2011, April). Reading Poetry.

Poon, A. (2010, February). "Teaching the Comparative Approach to H2 Literature".

Poon, A. (2009, April ). 'Tackling the Unseen Poem and Prose Extract in the 'O' level Literature Paper', CHIJ St Nicholas Literature Seminar for Secondary Schools.

Poon, A. (2008, November). Making Space for the Cosmopolitan Subject, Teaching Literature in Singapore.


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