Academic Profile

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Prof Looi Chee Kit
Professor, Learning Sciences and Assessment
Co-Director, CRADLE@NTU, Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE)

  • Build, Inspire, Strategize: Promoting Computing Education in Singapore

  • Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation in Social Studies and History Classrooms

  • How to bring Computational Thinking (CT) into Mathematics classrooms: Designing for Disciplinary-specific CT

  • Leveraging Immersive Technologies for Flipped Learning:Impact on Engineering Students' Situational Interest and Self-Efficacy

  • Uncovering the Process and Outcome of Computer-Supported-Collaborative-Learning (CSCL) using Multimodal Learning Analytics: New Environments and Assessment for CSCL in the learning continuum

  • Understanding and Promoting Networked Learning in the Workplace: A Learning Analytics Approach