Academic Profile

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Assoc Prof Poon Kin Loong, Kenneth
Associate Dean, Education Research
Associate Professor, Psychology and Child & Human Development
Co-Director, Centre for Research in Child Development, OER, National Institute of Education

  • A Follow-up of the Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP) Cohort in Middle Childhood: Social-Emotional, Physical, Academic Outcomes and Predictors

  • A Study of the AWWA Inclusion Inc. in a Mainstream School: Promoting Inclusion

  • Beginning Early: SingaPore’s Ongoing Study starting in Infancy of Twenty-first-century-skills, Individual differences, and Variance in the Environment (BE POSITIVE study)

  • CRCD Research Infrastructure and Database Project

  • Developing and Piloting an Assessment Tool of Daily Living Skills for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Singapore

  • Preschool Impact upon Child Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study of Transition from Preschool to Primary

  • The Transition and Adjustment of Children with Special Educational Needs in Primary or Special Schools: A Study of Three Year Outcomes and their Determinants

  • Understanding functional relationships between socio- affective and neurocognitive brain networks in adults with ASD and ADHD to better inform learning for learners and educators: Towards maximising the adult learning potential

  • Understanding the Classroom Engagement of Students with Special Educational Needs: An Exploration of Measurement, Levels, and Factors

  • Understanding the Experiences of the Child Support Model for Children and Families from Low Income Backgrounds