Academic Profile : Faculty

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Assoc Prof Tan Heng Kiat, Kelvin
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Learning Sciences and Assessment
Controlled Keywords
A/P Kelvin Tan is an Associate (Practice) Professor in the Learning Sciences and Assessment Academic Group. His areas of teaching and advisement revolve around curriculum, assessment, reflection, and learning. His curriculum goal is to devise optimal ways of intriguing teachers and learners to excel beyond the economic stakes of education, and design classes and courses where learners are engaged and learning is enjoyable. Kelvin's personal learning goal is to develop a greater ability to empathise with learners' needs and identity.
Assessment for Learning, Reflective Practice
  • Student Feedback Receptivity in social contexts and data-rich environments
  • Building Teachers' and Students' Capacities in Student-Involved Assessment in Primary Classrooms
  • CORE 3 Research Programme: Baseline Investigation of Mother Tongue Pedagogies in Singapore's Primary and Secondary Classrooms (C3MT)
  • Secondary Teachers' and Students' Experiences of Assessment Feedback
  • Developing a Pedagogy of Feedback
  • Fostering Feedback Partnership in Singapore Schools
  • Engaging Students as Feedback Partners in Singapore Schools: An Exploratory Study