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Dr Willy Ardian Renandya
Principal Lecturer, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
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Dr. Willy A Renandya is a Principal Lecturer at the ELL Department, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Prior to his current position, he taught at SEAMEO RELC, Singapore, where he also served as Head of the Department of Language Education and Research. He has taught in many parts of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. He is a frequent speaker at language conferences in the Asian region. He holds an MA in TESL and a PhD in Educational Psychology. His teaching and research interests include second and foreign language pedagogy, extensive reading, language testing and curriculum development. He has published research articles in various journals, authored an ESL textbook, and edited numerous books and anthologies. His publications include Language teaching methodology: An anthology of current practice (2002, Cambridge University Press), Simple, powerful strategies for Student Centered (2016, Springer International), and English language teaching today: Linking theory and practice (2016, Springer International).
Dr Willy Renandya is particularly interested in researching the link between extensive reading/listening and language proficiency development. He has published extensively in this area and given numerous keynote presentations on this topic. His publications have appeared in the ELT Journal (OUP) and RELC Journal (Sage).