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Dr Poh Soon Koh
Lecturer, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
Journal Articles (Central)
Putrawan,G.E., Mahpul, Sinaga,T., S.K.Poh, Dekhnich, O.V. (2022). Beliefs about Multilingualism with Respect to Translanguaging: A Survey among Pre-Service EFL Teachers in Indonesia. Integration of Education, 26(4), 756-770.

Poh, S.K. (2021). Eng lish language teachers' appropriation of tools in the Singapore classrooms: a socio-cultural analysis. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 41(4), 740-753.

Book Chapters (Central)
Poh, S. K. & Chia, A. (2020). Enhancing the learning experience through technology: Harnessing the affordances of an interactive scenario-based learning platform. In Tan K. E., Leong, L. M. & Woravut, J. (Eds.), ICT Use in ELT: Some examples from South East Asia(PP. 1-15). Penang: USM Press.

Conference Papers (Central)
Conference Papers Published in Proceedings

Poh, S.K. (2019, November). 'Match your teaching styles with the millennials' learning Styles'. What about cultural ways of learning?. In Putrawan, G.EDeviyanti, R (Ed.), The 2nd Internatio nal Conference on English Language Teaching and Learning (2nd ICON-ELTL) 2019 Proceedings, 2, 12-24.

Conference Papers Without Proceedings

Png,J.L.H., Poh, S.K. (2022, December). Best Features of Pre-service Teacher Education and Teacher Certification of SINGAPORE. Paper pre sented at The First Southeast Asian Conference of Teachers and Teacher Educators, Manila, Philippines.

Poh, S. K. (2021, May). Cultural cognition and beginning teachers' instructional practice. Paper presented at The Southeast Asian Conference on Education (SEACE), Singapore.

Poh, S.K. (2 018, March). The Influence of Culture on Teachers'Appropriation of Tools. Paper presented at The Asian Conference on Education & International Development, Kobe, Japan.

Chia, A. & Poh, S. K. (2017, August). Redesigning English Language Teaching Pedagogy for the 21st Century Classroom . Paper presented at 56th MELTA International Conference 2017, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Poh, S. K. & Chia, A. (2017, July). Accelerating teaching expertise in initial teacher preparation. Paper presented at KATE TESOL Conference 2017, Seoul, Korea.

Poh, S.K. (2016, October). A qualitat ive study of beginning teachers' appropriation of tools for teaching English Language in Singapore secondary schools.. Paper presented at NIE Graduate Student Conference (GSC), Singapore.

Poh, S.K. (2016, January). (2016, January). Using systemic functional linguistics to support L2 reading .. Paper presented at 36th Thailand TESOL International Conference: The changing landscape of ELT: Empowerment through Glocalization., Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Poh, S.K. (2015, February). "I didn't see it!" Teaching student-teachers the language of schooling.. Paper presented at Best practi ces for teaching English in ASEAN universities, Klong Luang District, Pathumthani Province, Thailand.

Poh, S.K. (2015, February). The efficacy of using ideational frameworks to support ESL learners' summary writing.. Paper presented at 11th Annual CamTESOL Conference on English Language Tea ching, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Poh, S.K. (2007, July). Parallel leadership: a case study to characterize the school leader-teacher partnership in the Singapore context. Paper presented at APS Global Education Conference: "Leading schools in an interconnected world", Singapore.

Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues (Central)

Keynote Addresses

Poh, S.K. (2023, June). The Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators, Inc.(PAFTE) 13th Midyear Convention. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Evidence-Based Practices and Innovations in Education through Research and Integration for Sustainability, Manila, Philippines.

Poh, S.K. (2021, October). Third International Conference on Progressive Education (3rd ICOPE) 2021. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Literacies and identity in Society 5.0, Lampung, Indonesia.

Poh, S. K. (2019, November). 2nd International Conference on E nglish Language Teaching and Learning (ICON-ELTL). KEYNOTE ADDRESS, EFL Teaching and Learning for the Millennial Generation, Lampung, Indonesia.

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)

Workshops and Seminars

Poh, S.K. (2019, November). 'Match your teaching styles with the millennials' learning styles'. What about cultural ways of learning?.

Poh,S.K.(2016) (2016, May). 'Active Learning: using English for teaching across the curriculum'.

Poh,S.K. (2007, March). ERAS symposium 2007: Research and reflections: for better student learning.

Poh, S.K. (2005, November). MOE North Zone Celebrating Learning through Action Research (CLEAR) Symposium 2005.