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Assoc Prof Jiang Heng
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Policy, Curriculum and Leadership
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JIANG Heng is an Associate Professor at the Policy, Curriculum, and Leadership Academic Group. She completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education at Michigan State University. Her empirical research is situated at the intersection between educational theories, practices, and policies of teacher professional learning for educational quality and equity, with a comparative and international perspective.

She uses ethnography and experience sampling method to explore core teaching practices (such as classroom assessment) as opportunities for teacher learning, with a focus on improving teaching for diverse students. Her monograph Learning to Teach with Assessment (Springer, 2015) was awarded the Outstanding Book Award by the International Study Association of Teachers and Teaching. Her edited volume (with Mary F. Hill) Teacher Learning with Classroom Assessment: Perspectives from Asia Pacific (Springer, 2018) foregrounds the role of the classroom assessment to facilitate teacher professional growth and its influence on student learning in the Asia-Pacific area. She has published in international peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Teacher Education, Intercultural Education, and Professional Development in Education. In 2019, she received the NIE Excellence in Research Award. She is currently working on a book to theorize lesson study practices for teacher professional learning.

Heng's teaching is enriched by her research scholarship to combine the use of classroom assessment and lesson study for teacher learning. This approach was awarded the NTU EdeX Teaching Grant to develop a model for university instructors' professional development.

She currently serves as Associate Editor for the Asia-Pacific Journal of Education, and Council Member of the World Association of Lesson Studies.

Teacher Professional Learning, Educational Equity, Qualitative Research, Comparative Education
  • Teacher Learning With Classroom Assessment in Singapore Schools
  • Lesson study approach of team assessment for teaching an NIE education course
  • Review of Teacher Inquiry within the Asia-Pacific Context
  • Revisiting Individualism and Collectivism: Cross-cultural Comparison of Future Teachers' Understandings of Educational Diversity
• 2019 Outstanding Book Award International Study Association of Teachers and Teaching
• 2019 Excellence in Research Award National Institute of Education, NTU