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Assoc Prof Diganta Das
Associate Professor, National Institute of Education - Humanities & Social Studies Education
Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences (Courtesy Appointment)
Journal Articles (Central)
Das, D., Lim, N.D., & Aravind, P (2022). Developing a Smart and Sustainable Campus in Singapore. Sustainability, 14(21), 1-18.

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Das, D. K., & Narayanan, K. (2005). Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and India's Development: Achievements, Prospects and Challenges Ahead. Journal of Services Research, 5(Special Issue), 93 - 108.

Books (Central)
Choudhary, B.K., Kumar, A., Das, D. (Ed.). (2020). City, Space and Politics in Global South (PP. 466). New Delhi: Routledge.

Book Chapters (Central)
Lim, D.Y., & Das, D. (2022). Digging Deeper: deep wells, bore-wells and water tankers in peri-urban Hyderabad. In Narain, V., & Roth, D. (Eds.), Periurban water security, conflicts and cooperation in South Asia: Flows across frontiers(PP. 89-103). Singapore: Springer Nature.

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Das, D., & Seow, T. (2021). Tracing the Changing Meaning(s) of a Heritage Space through Geographical Fieldwork. In Sim, Y.H., & Sim, H.H. (Eds .), Fieldwork in Humanities Education in Singapore(PP. 297-308). Singapore: Springer.

Chang, F.Das, D. (2020). Smart Nation Singapore: Developing policies for a citizen-oriented smart city initiative. In D. Kundu, R. Sietchiping, & M. Kinyanjui (Eds.), Developing National Urban Policies: Ways Forward to Smart and Green Cities(PP. NA). Singapore: Springer.

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B.K. Choudhary & D. Das (2020). Urban Governance under Neoliberalism: Increasing Centralization or Participatory Decentralization?. In R. Thakur, A. Dutt, S. Thakur, & G. Pomeroy (Eds.), Urban and Regional Planning and Development: 20th Century Forms and 21st Century Transformations(PP. 303-31 2). New York: Springer.

Choudhary, B.K., Kumar, A., Das, D. (2019). Introduction: City, Space and Politics in Global South. In Choudhary, B.K., Kumar, A., Das, D. (Ed.), City, Space and Politics in Global South(PP. 1-7). New Delhi: Manohar Publishers.

Das, D., Chatterjea, K. (2018). Learn ing in the field ' a conceptual approach to field-based learning in Geography. In Chang, C.H., Irvine, K., Wu, B.S., Seow, T. (Ed.), Learning Geography beyond the traditional classroom ' examples from Southeast Asia(PP. 11-33). Singapore: Springer.

Das, D., Choudhary, B.K. (2018). From 'Ru ral' to 'Urban' India: Transforming a nation's identity through serial urban renewals. In Diener, A.C., Hagen, J. (Ed.), The City as Power: Urban Space, Place, and National Identity(PP. 221-234). New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

Das, D. (2016). Sub-national neoliberalism through city restructuring and policy boosterism: A case of Hyderabad, India. In Wang, J.Oakes, T.Yang, Y. (Ed.), Making cultural city in Asia: Mobility, assemblage, and the politics of aspirational urbanism(PP. 53-68). London: Routledge.

Das, D. (2012). Ordinary Lives in Extraordinary Cyberabad. In Perera, N., & Tang, W.S. (Eds.), The Transforming Asian Cities: Intellectual impasse, Asianizing space, and emerging translocalities(PP. 112 - 122). Abingdon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Conference Papers (Central)
Conference Papers Published in Proceedings

Das, D, Skelton, T. (2017, March). Hydrating Hyderabad: rapid urbanization, water scarcity/plenty, and human flourishing/resilience. In Douglass, M., Rigg, J., Miller, M. (Ed.), Resilient Cities for Human Flourishing: Governing the Asia-Pacific Urban Transition in the Anthropocene, 1, 0.

Conference Papers Without Proceedings

Das, D. (2019, April). The Making of Singapore in Amaravati: Policy mobility, praxis, and challenges of planning a smart capital. Paper presented at American Association of Geographers Annual M eeting 2019, Washington DC, United States.

Das, D. (2018, April). Hydrating Hyderabad: Geographies of water distribution, privatization andeveryday practices. Paper presented at AAG Annual Conference 2018, New Orleans, United States.

Das, D. (2017, November). Geographies of water (in)s ecurity, privatization and everyday practices. Paper presented at Southeast Asia Geography Association (SEAGA)Conference 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Das, D. (2016, April). Of sub-national entrepreneurialism, (urban) policy mobility and the making of smart cities. Paper presented at Americ an Association of Geographers' Annual Meeting, San Francisco, United States.

Das, D. (2015, April). Back to the future? Travel of Southeast Asian city models to India. Paper presented at American Association of Geographers' Annual Meeting, 2015, Chicago, United States.

Das, D (2015, Febru ary). Worlding Cities, Cyberising Spaces and Grounded Realities. Paper presented at 36th Indian Institute of Geographers' Congress and International Seminar on Environmental Changes and Challenges, 2015, Guwahati, India.

Das, D. (2014, August). Cyberisation of Hyderabad: Exploring human geographies of splintering urbanism. Paper presented at Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, London, United Kingdom.

Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues (Central)

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)

Professional Articles

Das, D. (2015, April). GeoBuzz - Geography Teachers' Association of Singapore newsletter SEAGA Fieldtrip and Conference, 2014, 5(1), -.

Technical Reports or Monographs

Das, D.Skelton, T.Rao, A.N.Nagasubbarao, G. (2014, December). City & Neighbourhood Report: Hyderabad, India, 28.

Workshops and Seminars

Skelton, T.Das, D. (2013, November). Comparative Urbanism Research in Asia: Conundrums, communication and collaboration.