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Dr Hanin Binte Hussain
Senior Lecturer, National Institute of Education - Psychology and Child & Human Development
Journal Articles (Central)
Hussain, H. (2016). Exploring physically active play in the early childhood curriculum from a complexity thinking perspective. Sport, Education and Society, online(online), online.

Hussain, H., Conner, L., & Mayo, E. (2014). Envisioning curriculum as six simultaneities. Complicity: An international journal of complexity and education, 11(1), 59-84.

Hussain, H. (2011). Exploring games of chase in the early childhood curriculum. Early Childhood Folio, 15(1), 22-26.

Books (Central)
Hussain, H., Jesuvadian, M.K., Tay-Lim, J., Karuppiah, N., Norazman, L.Y., & Lim, L. (2018). Supporting children in their transition to Primary 1: A guide for teachers and parents in Singapore (PP. 52). Singapore: National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

Conference Papers (Central)
Conference Papers Published in Proceedings

Hussain, H., Conner, L., Jansen, C., & Mayo, E. (2010, December). Exploring emergence in complexity research: Comparisons of emergence across projects.. Proceedings of the New Zealand Association for Research in Education, 1, 13-25.

Conference Papers Without Proceedings

Hussain, H.B. (2018, November). Weaving passions, interests and needs in fostering the joy of learning: A provocation to expand new possibilities. Paper presented at ERAS-APERA International Conference 2018, Singapore.

Hussain, H. (2016, July). Teaching games in the early years: Weaving complexivist and play perspectives. Paper presented at 6th International TGfU Conference, Cologne, Germany.

Batcha Sahib, S., Hussain, H., Wong, W.Y., Heng, D., Lim, P.J., Ong, L, & Du, J. (2015, June). Developing a Primary 1 transition programme at South View Primary School: We Love, We Can, We Learn. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, Singapore.

Hussain, H. (2014, February). Using complexity thinking to explore games of chase in the early childhood curriculum. Paper presented at AIESEP Congress 2 014, Auckland, New Zealand.

Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues (Central)

Keynote Addresses

Hussain, H.B., & Jesuvadian, M.K. (2018, August). Henry David Hochstadt Early Childhood Symposium 2018. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, What's your story? Using stories for meaning- making in children's transitions, Singapore.

Hussain, H. (2017, November). PAL Conferenc e. KEYNOTE ADDRESS, Weaving play and learning in PAL, Singapore.

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)

Professional Articles

Hussain, H.B. (2019, January). Beanstalk An expert's perspective: Dr Hanin H ussain expands on the different types of play and how they can help children experience the joy of learning, January-March 2019, 7.

Hussain, H. (2018, January). Beanstalk Ask the experts: Q&A: Techniques and tools to understand and extend young children's thinking, N.A., 16.

Workshops and Seminars

Hussain, H.B. (2018, April). Designing ICT experiences to foster children's relationships with people, places and things.