Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Mr Tsering Wangyal
Lecturer, National Institute of Education - Learning Sciences and Assessment
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Mr Tsering Wangyal is a Lecturer with the Learning Sciences and Assessment (LSA) Academic Group. Prior to this, he was a Teaching Fellow at NIE in the same AG. He teaches pre-service and in-service courses on ICT integration and classroom management. Before joining NIE, he taught English Literature and General Paper in a local JC for several years. During those years, he was an ICT coordinator/mentor and the Literature subject coordinator.

Apart from being passionate about innovative use of technologies to promote meaningful learning and 21st century competencies, he is also actively engaged in designing technology-enhanced learning spaces - physical and online. During his time at NIE, he was involved in two such learning space designs - The Net Gen Learners' Terrace (NGLT) and i-Space.

His main research interest is in ICT integration for teaching and learning especially Computer Supported Argumentation (CSA) and Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). He is also interested in blended learning approaches like Flipped Learning and Home-Based Learning.
  • VIZ: A live data visualisation app to promote classroom engagement and thinking