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Dr Ng Ee Lynn
Senior Education Research Scientist, OER Centre for Research in Child Development
Senior Research Scientist, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
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Dr. Ng Ee Lynn is Senior Education Research Scientist at the Center for Research in Child Development at the Office of Education Research, NIE. She received her Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University in 2013. Her research interests are centred around learning and development in early and middle childhood. Specifically, her work focuses on understanding how factors that are internal and external to the child contribute to learning and development. She utilizes both experimental and correlational paradigms and has extensive experience conducting longitudinal research studies.
Dr. Ng has published research on the contribution of self-regulation skills on children's learning outcomes and the role of contextual (e.g., socio-economic status) and individual difference (e.g., fine motor skills, test anxiety) factors. She is also interested in the roles of teacher well-being and preschool quality on children's learning outcomes.
  • Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP)
  • Optimising pre-schoolers working memory and numerical processing capabilities
  • Understanding the Experiences of the Child Support Model for Children and Families from Low Income Backgrounds
  • Activity-based Evaluation Tools for Values
  • Beginning Early: SingaPore's Ongoing Study starting in Infancy of Twenty-first-century-skills, Individual differences, and Variance in the Environment (BE POSITIVE study)
  • CRCD Research Infrastructure and Database Project
  • Understanding Executive Functions and the Factors that Influence its Development
  • A Follow-up of the Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP) Cohort in Middle Childhood: Social-Emotional, Physical, Academic Outcomes and Predictors
  • A Systematic Review of International ECE Projects
  • Exploratory study of children's values and the association between values and prosocial behaviour
  • Exploratory study of children's values and the association between values and prosocial behaviour
  • Development of self-regulation over the preschool years
  • The Instrument Pilot Study for Research on Early Education and Development in Singapore (REEDS-Pilot)
  • Examining the development of Executive Functions in Singapore students under neutral and emotional contexts
• 2020 NEXUS Award National Institute of Education, Singapore
• 2009 Dean's Commendation for Research National Institute of Education, Singapore
Courses Taught
AGE 06D - Neurodiversity and the Learning Experience
EDLM 901 - Theory, Research, and Practice in Teaching and Learning
EDLM 902 - Understanding Learner Motivation
MDP 901 - Social and Emotional Development and Assessment