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Dr Mark Fifer Seilhamer
Lecturer, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
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Mark Fifer Seilhamer is a lecturer in the English Language and Literature Academic Group. His background is in TESOL and he taught English in a variety of Asia-Pacific contexts - San Francisco, Guam, Hawai`i, Taiwan, and Japan - before getting his Ph.D. from National University of Singapore and turning his attention to language & identity and language ideologies/attitudes in Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. While such sociolinguistic issues dominate his research agenda, he has also published articles on prepositional verb collocation and L2 processing of grammatical constructions.
Mark Fifer Seilhamer's main research interests are Language Ideologies/Attitudes, Language & Identity, Language Planning & Policy, Linguistic Landscapes, and Social Positioning.
  • Implementational Spaces for Feature-based Contrastive Analysis in Singapore's English Language Classrooms: A Systematic Review
• 2020 Excellence in Teaching commendation National Institute of Education