Academic Profile

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Dr Sun He
Lecturer (Research Scientist), Office of Education Research
Research Scientist, Office of Education Research

  • A Follow-up of the Singapore Kindergarten Impact Project (SKIP) Cohort in Middle Childhood: Social-Emotional, Physical, Academic Outcomes and Predictors

  • A Study on Children’s Home ICT Use on their Language and Development (CHILD)

  • Beginning Early: SingaPore’s Ongoing Study starting in Infancy of Twenty-first-century-skills, Individual differences, and Variance in the Environment (BE POSITIVE study)

  • Growth in Bilingual & Biliteracy Proficiency: Environmental, Individual & Experiential Factors (GIBBER)

  • Improving early number word learning: Examining the role of input

  • Literate lives: Youth’s emotive-embodied experiences of literacy

  • Mandarin eBook App and Singaporean Children’s Home Reading Quantity, Quality, and Emergent Literacy Outcomes

  • Preschool Impact upon Child Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study of Transition from Preschool to Primary

  • Randomised Pilot Control Trial for Reducing Anxiety Problems among Children indicated to have Developmental Language Disorder (RAP-iDLD)

  • Title of Project: Development of Mother Tongue Language Assessment Tools and SKIP project data finalization

  • Understanding the role of caregiver-child pedagogical questioning in Singaporean children's school readiness and achievement