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Ms Lin Rongchan
Lecturer, National Institute of Education - Learning Sciences and Assessment
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Ms Lin Rongchan started out as a Chinese Language teacher and Subject Head/Project Management (Internal) at Nan Hua High School. She was subsequently seconded to the Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group at NIE as a Teaching Fellow. After her secondment, she worked at the Ministry of Education Headquarters, Singapore, as a Curriculum Planning Officer. She is currently a Lecturer and Programme Leader (Professional Development Programme) at the Learning Sciences and Assessment Academic Group, NIE, NTU. Her interest and focus areas include assessment literacy, alternative assessment, use and design of rubrics, and language assessment. Being effectively bilingual, Rongchan gives talks, conducts training and publishes in both English and Chinese.

Rongchan received her B.A. from Peking University, her PGDE and M.A. from Nanyang Technological University, and her Ed.M. from Teachers College, Columbia University. Awards received include the 2017 Asian Association for Language Assessment (AALA) Best Student Paper Award, Confucius China Studies Program Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship (Spring 2016, Spring 2017, and Fall 2017), 2014 Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship (Humanities), and 2012 Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship. Rongchan was also named as the 2016 Joan Findlay Dunham Annual Fund Scholar by Teachers College.

Born and raised in Singapore, Rongchan has benefitted from Singapore's bilingual education and is particularly passionate about language education. Locally, she sits on the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) and the National Translation Committee (NTC). She is also a Regional Representative (Singapore) of the AALA. She previously chaired the Nominating Committee (2016-2017) of the AALA. She also served as an editorial board member of Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in Fall 2017.

Outside of academia, Rongchan is passionate about poetry writing and has won awards for her contemporary Chinese poetry. She has served as an instructor for the Author-in-Residence Programme organised by the CPCLL since 2012. Her poetry had been featured at City Hall MRT Station, National Library and Bishan Public Library, Singapore. Her short story that depicts the life of a taxi-driver in Singapore has been adapted into a short film. This short story was her retirement gift for her dad who was a taxi-driver for more than 30 years.


NTU Senate Committees
Member, Committee on Faculty Development (8th Senate) (w.e.f. Oct 2022)

LSA Academic Group
Professional Development (PD) Programme Leader
Co-Chair, LSA Colloquium (2023 & 2024)
Member, LSA Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) Taskforce
Group Endeavours in Service Learning (GESL) Coordinator

Advisory Singapore
Mentor, the Advisory Mentorship Programme (June-September 2022; June-September 2021)

Asian Association for Language Assessment (AALA)
Regional Representative (Singapore) (1 July 2021 to date)
Immediate Past Co-Chair of Student Committee (2018-2019)
Chair of Nominating Committee (2016-2017)
Founding Co-chair of Student Committee (2015-2017)

Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL), Singapore
Committee Member (1 January 2023 - 31 December 2024; 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2022)
Instructor, Author-in-Residence Programme (since 2012)

National Translation Committee (NTC), Singapore
Committee Member (1 March 2022 - 29 February 2024; 1 March 2024 - 28 February 2027)
Assessment literacy; alternative assessment; instrument validation; rubric design; second language assessment
  • Student Feedback Receptivity in social contexts and data-rich environments
• 2016 Joan Findlay Dunham Annual Fund Scholar (named by Teachers College)
• Singaporean Delegate, 2014 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations, New York (nominated by Overseas Singaporean Unit and selected by National Youth Council, Singapore, to be one of two representatives from Singapore)

Academic Awards (e.g., grants, scholarships, etc.)
• 2017 Asian Association for Language Assessment (AALA) Best Student Paper Award
• Confucius China Studies Program Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship (Spring 2016; Spring 2017; Fall 2017) (awarded by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), China)
• 2017 & 2016 Provost's Grant for Professional Development (awarded by Teachers College)
• Teachers College General Scholarship (AY 2012–2013; 2013–2014; 2015–2016; 2016–2017; 2017-2018)
• Teachers College International Scholarship (AY 2013–2014; 2014–2015
• Teachers College Supplemental Scholarship (AY 2014–2015; 2016–2017; 2017-2018)
• 2016 & 2015 Toepfer Family Scholarship (awarded by Teachers College)
• 2015 Donald G. Tewksbury Memorial Award (awarded by Teachers College)
• 2014 Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship (Humanities) (awarded by Tan Kah Kee Foundation; funded by Tan Ean Kiam Foundation, Singapore)
• 2012 Tan Kah Kee Postgraduate Scholarship (awarded by Tan Kah Kee Foundation, Singapore)
• Singapore Chinese Teachers' Union Book Prize (AY 2004–2005)
• Peking University (PKU) International Students Academic Award (AY 2001–2002)
• 2000 People’s Republic of China State Education Commission (PRC SEDC) Undergraduate Scholarship
• 2000 Ministry of Education Teaching Award (awarded by Ministry of Education, Singapore)

Creative Writing Awards
• National Poetry Competition 2021, Singapore (Merit Award for Chinese Language–Senior Category)
• SPH-NAC Golden Point Award 2011 (Chinese Poetry–Honourable Mention)
• 7th Singapore Tertiary Chinese Literature Awards (Poetry–3rd prize)
Courses Taught
I teach a variety of courses, including pre-service, graduate, leadership, professional development (in-service) and SSG-funded courses. My courses revolve around assessment, including its intersection with learning and emerging technologies.

ICT6008: Theories and Perspectives of Assessment and Learning
ILA0015: Designing and Using Rubrics for Workplace Training and Assessment
ILA0016: Authentic Assessments for Workplace Contexts
ILA0059: Using Generative AI in Singapore’s Educational Contexts
ILA0060: Assessment in the Age of Generative AI
MCT903: Assessment in Education and Learning: Theories, Tensions and Issues
MCT921: Theory and Practice of Authentic Assessment
MLS3000: People & Organisational, Curriculum and Assessment Leadership
MLS3402: Assessment Rubrics
MLS3403: Frameworks for Designing Quality Alternative Assessments for Middle Leaders
MPM 901 Assessment Principles and Methods
MPM902: Design of Assessment Systems
QED52B: Pedagogical Practices