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Asst Prof Ann Ang Su Lee
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
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Dr Ann Ang is an Assistant Professor in English Literature with the ELL Academic group at the National Institute of Education and teaches courses related to literature in English. She graduated with first class honours in English Literature from the National University of Singapore and received an MA in English from the University of Pennsylvania. She completed her DPhil in Postcolonial and World Literatures at the University of Oxford. Employing postcolonial methodologies within the frame of world literature, she studies contemporary Anglophone writing from India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. Ann was previously with MOE and has taught A- , O- and N-level Literature in English, as well as Project Work and General Paper in various capacities over nine years.

Dr Ang's articles and reviews have been published in the Journal of Postcolonial Writing, the Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry, Pedagogies: An International Journal and English Literary History (ELH) (English Literary History. Her work has also appeared in the Palgrave Encyclopedia of Urban Literary Studies.

As a literature educator, Ann has co-edited and a chapter in The World, the Text and the Classroom, a volume on literature pedagogies in relation to the 2019 Literature in English Syllabus. She has also published a number of open-access literature resources including a critical essay at

A published writer of poetry, fiction and literary criticism, Ann is the author of Bang My Car (2012), a Singlish-English collection of short stories, one of which was anthologized in Best New Singaporean Short Stories (Volume 1) and the poetry collection Burning Walls for Paper Spirits (2021). Ann also co-edited the literary anthologies Poetry Moves (2020) and Food Republic (2020), and is one of the founding editors for PR&TA (Practice, Research & Tangential Activities), a journal of creative praxis in Southeast Asia.
Ann researches contemporary Anglophone writing from South Asia and Southeast Asia, with a focus on postcolonial literatures in the new millennium. She is interested in the evolution of Englishes, narrative structures and the theorising of world literatures. Her other research interests include the nature of localised Anglophone identities, ecocriticism in the context of Southeast Asia as an under-theorised region, creative writing as a pedagogy for the teaching of literature and praxis in the creative arts.
  • Reading Southeast Asia in the World (1967 - 1990)
Courses Taught
MEL924 - World Literature(s)
AMX20A - Multicultural Studies: Appreciating and Valuing Differences
ACR32B - Teaching Poetry
QCR52C - Literature Curriculum and Assessment Design