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Dr Wu Pinhui Sandra
Lecturer, National Institute of Education - Policy, Curriculum and Leadership
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Dr Sandra Wu is a lecturer at the Policy, Curriculum and Leadership academic group and the programme leader for the Master of Arts (Educational Management) programme. She is currently teaching student-teachers and Masters students at National Institute of Education (NIE), an institute of the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She received her Doctor in Education from NIE in 2017 and her Master of Teaching in Early Childhood Education from University of Melbourne in 2011.

Prior to academia, she had worked at the Early Childhood Development Agency, Ministry of Social and Family Development and Pre-school Education Branch, Ministry of Education, serving the early childhood education sector. During her time at the government ministries, she was involved in curriculum planning and development work such as developing training and resources for educators, for e.g., translation of the Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) in Chinese and EYDF training, Learning stories exemplar (a resource for educators), training content on Respectful, Responsive and Reciprocal Relationships Interactions with infants and toddlers, Information Communications Technology (ICT) guidelines in the preschool classroom, KCare programme for the MOE Kindergartens and parenting resources. She was also involved in professional development for MOE Kindergarten leaders and teachers, and the programme evaluation of the Focused Language Assistance in Reading (FLAiR) programme. She was adjunct lecturer with the National Institute of Education International for the Master in Educational Administration programme and the Singapore University of Social Sciences for the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education programme.

Dr Wu has conducted research in the local pre-school and primary school contexts and early childhood arts education in Melbourne. Her research interests include Policies and leadership in early childhood and primary education, Professional and leadership development in early childhood education and the Sociology of education. She had published on journal articles and book chapters on the quality infant-toddler programmes in Singapore, image of the Singapore child, pre-school curriculum, bilingual policy at the pre-school level, values education in early childhood, religious harmony and multiculturalism in Singapore's education system. Currently, she is interested in exploring values education at the pre-school level.
Policies and leadership in early childhood and primary education; Professional and leadership development in early childhood education; Sociology of education.
  • Constructing Values ' Meanings and Implications for Practice in Singapore's Pre-school Education Curriculum