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Asst Prof Ong Yann Shiou
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - Natural Sciences & Science Education
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Dr. Ong Yann Shiou is an Assistant Professor at the Natural Sciences and Science Education (NSSE) academic unit, National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Yann Shiou received her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at the Pennsylvania State University, USA (2018) and her MSc in Science Education (Distinction) at the University of Bristol, UK (2011). She earned her teaching certification via the postgraduate diploma in education (PGDE) at NIE, NTU (2004) and her BSc in Physics (first class honors) at the National University of Singapore (2003). Yann Shiou is a science educator and researcher with an interest in epistemic practices in science, or the ways of thinking and doing in science. She believes engaging learners in argumentation without being quarrelsome can lead to improved ideas and knowledge claims while developing learners' critical thinking. Her current research focuses on students' epistemic practices in scientific inquiry, specifically how students engage in group critique and construction of scientific claims. While Yann Shiou takes a pragmatic approach to data analysis, her research questions have mostly landed themselves to qualitative methods, particularly discourse analysis. Her other research interests include integrated STEM education, scientific models and modelling, and collaborative learning.

Prior to joining NSSE, Yann Shiou was a science teacher, department head for science (junior high), then dean (junior high) at National Junior College. She had the privilege of working with dedicated educators to design and implement the 4-year and 6-year Integrated Programme science curricula. Yann Shiou taught integrated sciences, physics (junior high and senior high levels), and science inquiry (including scientific research as an H3 subject).

Yann Shiou currently contributes to science and science education professional communities by serving on the NARST Research Committee as the Research Networks subcommittee chairperson (2011 to 2022). She is a council member of the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science (SAAS) and the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS). She is also an Associate Editor of Pedagogies: An International Journal.
Dr. Ong Yann Shiou's areas of expertise include scientific and epistemic practices, STEM education, as well as collaborative learning. Her current research works include: 1) developing and validating an integrated STEM lesson observation protocol (OER 05/21 OYS), 2) developing and validating a survey instrument for analysing students' scientific practices (OER 20/22 OYS), 3) developing "I think...because" items to foster students' scientific reasoning and argumentation, and 4) carrying out meaningful scoping reviews in topics of interest in science education research.
  • Understanding the Current Status and Impacting the Future of Singapore STEM Education Landscape: A Multi-Stage, Multi-Year Evaluation Study
  • Development of Lower Secondary Integrated Science Curriculum Packages
  • Actualising Integrated STEM Lessons
  • Construction and Validation of Scientific Practices Survey Instrument for School
  • Comparing students' questioning, argumentation and creative thinking in problem-centric and solution-centric STEM activities
NIE Excellence in Teaching Commendation Award 2022
Courses Taught
Currently teaching (Jan-Dec 2023)
ACP32A/QCP52B - Physics instruction and microteaching
QCP52D - Innovating physics teaching and learning
MED902 - Integrative project (science education)
MSC906 - Representations and new media in science education

Previously taught
ACP22A/QCP52A - Understanding the physics curriculum
ACP42A/QCP52C - Assessment in physics education
ACP42B - Reflective teaching and inquiry in physics
MSC903 - Science as practice
MSC905 - Science discourse: Language, literacy, and argumentation