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Asst Prof Geraldine Kwek
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - English Language & Literature
Dr. Geraldine Kwek is an Assistant Professor at the English Language and Literature Academic Group of the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Dr Kwek received her PhD from the University of Cambridge (UK) in 2018. She was a recipient of the NIE Overseas Graduate Scholarship underwhich she worked on her PhD study looking at the phonetic variation of /r/ realisations in Singapore English. As a sociophonetician, her work on investigating the sociophonetic variation present in Singapore English, as well as the emergent trends, that unify Singaporeans of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds as speakers of Singapore English continues to be a major focus in her research endeavours. Having received formal training as an English language teacher, Dr Kwek had previously taught in a Singapore primary school before returning to linguistics research. She currently teaches on pre-service, undergraduate, and graduate courses and supervises both undergraduate and graduate students on their research work at NIE.
Dr. Kwek's research interests lie mainly in Sociophonetic Variation, Phonetics and Phonology, Variation and Change in varieties of English, World Englishes, and Pronunciation Teaching and Learning. Her current projects investigate cross-generational linguistic patterns in Singapore English, and explore the role of Singlish in Singapore's society and English Language classroom.
  • Singapore Speaks: Studying the varieties of spoken Singapore English
Excellence in Teaching Commendation 2021
Courses Taught
AAE10D/18D Exploring the Words and Sounds of English
AAE43D Topics in Phonetics/Phonology
AAE30A Research Methods
AAE23S The Structure of Singapore English

MAE922 Sociophonetics: Studies of Speech in Society
MAE919 Second Language Phonology

Pre-service (Postgraduate Diploma in Education)
QLK50A/B & QLK52A/B Practical Pronunciation for Teachers
QLK52D Communication Skills for Teachers
Supervision of PhD Students
Seetaram Panday s/o Ramanand Panday (on-going) 'Perceptions towards the coda cluster variable in Singapore English'