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Dr Rebecca Chan
Lecturer, National Institute of Education - Psychology and Child & Human Development
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Rebecca Chan (Dr)has been a full-time Lecturer with the Psychology and Child & Human development (PCHD) academic group, NIE since 2019. For about 10 years prior to this, she taught part-time at the National Institute of Education (NIE) helping to mould and train Singapore's teachers. Her time in NIE demonstrates her passion for continuing teacher- and leader-education as well as professional development with the ultimate aim of enhancing children's learning and developmental outcomes. Some of the courses she has taught include Child Development, Qualitative Educational Inquiry, Andragogy and Professionalism in early childhood care and education. Her contributions are not confined to theory in the classroom. Much of it involves putting theory to practice and solving practical real-world classroom and school issues. Dr Chan's insights and contributions have been instrumental in overcoming practical constraints on the ground for organisations, parents, teachers, and children. The passion to share her expertise can also be seen in her many contributions to The Straits Times as a writer and as an international speaker and advocate for early childhood education. In her latest contribution as a developmental psychologist, Dr Chan has put together a framework to guide teachers and parents to read and analyse children's drawings. The information elicited using her framework have proved useful in building meaningful relationships between parent-child, and teacher-child, and the construction of a child-interest based curriculum that extends children's thinking and learning.

Dr Chan's contributions also include serving as a consultant in the setting up of preschools in Singapore and China. Her practice-based experience in crafting early childhood curriculum and planning and inspiring a learning environment has consistently won positive reviews from children, parents, and teachers.

Her passion for education aside, Dr Chan manages to squeeze some time to indulge in art, swimming, inline-skating, and jet-skiing. Her passion, zest for life and optimism inspire not only her colleagues and students but also friends and family.
Cognition; Assessment & Socio-emotional areas:

Psychology of children's drawings
How children think and learn to teach for conceptual understanding
Character and Citizenship: Moral development and moral reasoning of young children
Designing age appropriate curriculum informed by practice-based inquiry
Designing inspiring learning evnironment for children and adult
Visual arts education for young children
Developmental physical education for young children

Teacher and Leader education and development: From Andragogy to Heutagogy
  • Development of a Quality Teaching Tool
  • Investigating the Psychosocial Factors Associated with Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Well-being in Singapore: A Pilot Study
• 2010 Manhattanville College Professional Development Seed Institute
• 2004 PhD Study Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
• 2002 Khoo Kim Choo Scholarship Wheelock College, Boston, USA. 2002