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Dr Jessica To
Education Research Scientist, OER Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice
Research Scientist, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
Journal Articles (Central)
To, J., Tan, K., & Lim, M. (2023). From error-focused to learner-centred feedback practices: Unpacking the development of teacher feedback literacy. Teaching and Teacher Education, 131, 104185.

Alqassab, M., Strijbos, J. W., Panadero,E., Hernandez, J., Warrens,M., & To, J. (2023). A Systema tic Review of Peer Assessment Design Elements. Educational Psychology Review, 35(18), 1-52.

Zhu, Q., & To, J. (2021). Proactive receiver roles in peer feedback dialogue: Facilitating receivers' self-regulation and co-regulating providers' learning. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Educa tion, online first, 1-13.

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To, J. (2021). Using learner-centred feedback design to promote students' engage ment with feedback. Higher Education Research & Development, Online first(null), 1-16.

Carless, D., To, J., Kwan, C., & Kwok, J. (2020). Disciplinary perspectives on feedback processes: Towards signature feedback practices. Teaching in Higher Education, Online first(null), 1-15.

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To, J., & Liu, Y. (2018). Using peer and teacher-student exemplar dialogues to unpack assessment standards: Challeng es and possibilities. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 43(3), 449-460.

To, J., & Carless, D. (2016). Making productive use of exemplars: Peer discussion and teacher guidance for positive transfer of strategies. Journal of Further & Higher Education, 40(6), 746-764.

To, J. (2016). 'This is not what I need': Conflicting assessment feedback beliefs in a post-secondary institution in Hong Kong. Research in Post-compulsory Education, 21(4), 447-467.

Book Chapters (Central)
Smyth, P., To, J., & Carless, D. (2020). The interface between exemplars and rubrics. In Grainger, P., & Weir, K. (Eds.), Facilitating Student Learning and Engagement in Higher Education through Assessment Rubrics(PP. 57-68). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Carless, D., Chan, K. K. H., To, J., Lo, M., & Barrett, E. (2018). Developing students' capacities for evaluative judgement through analysing exemplars. In Boud, D., Ajjawi, R., Dawson, P., & Tai, J. (Eds.), Developing Evaluative Judgement in Higher Education: Assessment for Knowing and Producing Quality Work(PP. 108-116). London: Routledge.

Conference Papers (Central)

Conference Papers Without Proceedings

To, J. (2023, February). Establishing feedback partnerships in higher education: A discussion of conceptual framework and implementation strategies. Paper presented at International Conference on Higher Education Teaching, Learning, Pedagogy a nd Assessment 2023, Lisbon, Portugal.

To, J., & Lipnevich, A. (2022, May). Feedback Partnerships: Directions for Promoting Students' Engagement with Feedback. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC) Conference 2022, Singapore.

Liang, W., Lo, Y. Y., & To, J. (2022, May). A Journey towards Teacher Empowerment in Differentiated Instruction. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (RPIC) Conference 2022, Singapore.

To, J. (2022, January). Developing Early Career Researcher Feedback Literacy: Reflective Learning as Cata lyst. Paper presented at Feedback in Scholarly Peer Review Symposium, Belfast, United Kingdom.

To, J., Panadero, E., & Carless, D. (2021, August). Pedagogical use of exemplars in higher education: A systematic review. Paper presented at The 19th Biennial EARLI Online Conference 2021, Be lgium, Belgium.

To, J., & Lo Y. Y. (2021, August). Fostering distributed leadership at schools: A case study in the Asian context. Paper presented at The 19th Biennial EARLI Online Conference 2021, Belgium, Belgium.

To, J., He, P., Lo, Y. Y. (2021, April). Teacher efficacy and pedagogi cal leadership development through school-university collaboration. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting 2021 (Virtual Meeting), Washington, United States.

To, J. (2021, January). Effective dialogic feedback designs: Insights from a Language Cur riculum module. Paper presented at Hong Kong Continuing Professional Development (HKCPD) Hub Conference 2021, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China).

He, E., To, J., Tsang, A., Lo, Y. Y., & Lin, A. (2020, July). Exploring culturally responsive differentiation instruction strategies in school-universi ty diversity management collaboration. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting 2020 (Virtual Meeting), San Francisco, United States.

To, J. (2019, April). Using student-driven feedback practice to promote engagement with feedback. Paper present ed at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting 2019, Toronto, Canada.

To, J. (2018, October). Using three layers of feedback to increase taught postgraduates' engagement with feedback. Paper presented at Feedback for Learning Symposium: Enhancing Feedback Practice wit h Pedagogy and Technology, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China).

To, J. (2018, August). The role of peers in developing first-year undergraduates' evaluative judgement. Paper presented at The 9th Biennial Conference of European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) SIG 1 Asse ssment and Evaluation, Helsinki, Finland.

To, J. (2018, May). Using technology to enhance student engagement with feedback: A case in English Language Education. Paper presented at The International Conference on English Language Education in the Chinese Context, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China ).

To, J. (2017, November). Student self-assessment in the first-year of university: Difficulties and instructional support. Paper presented at Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2017, Canberra, Australia.

To, J. (2017, August). Engaging students in feed back processes: Challenges and opportunities. Paper presented at The 17th Biennial European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) Conference, Tampere, Finland.

Keynote Speeches & Editorship of Special Issues (Central)

Editorships of Special Issue of Journal

To, J., Serbati, A., & Lipnevich, A. (Ed.) (2023). Studies in Educational Evaluation, Instructional Tools and Curricular Structures to Facilitate Students' Self-assessment and Generation of Self-feedback, x (x).

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)

Professional Articles

To, J. (2022, January). Assessment for All Learners Bulletin Fostering Trust in Feedback Processes, 1, N/A.

Workshops and Seminars

To, J. (2023, February). Considerations for Developing a Competitive Grant Proposal by Graduates.

To, J. (2021, October). Designing, Implementing and Publishing Action Research.