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Asst Prof Park Joonhyeong
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - Natural Sciences & Science Education
Dr Joonhyeong PARK is an Assistant Professor at the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. He obtained his PhD in Science Education, specialising in Physics, from Seoul National University and then studied at Curtin University in Australia as a post-doctoral researcher. Prior to joining NIE/NTU, he taught science to students since 2006, including gifted students, in Seoul, Korea. He also taught physics and science educational theories to pre-service teachers and graduate students, who are in-service teachers, at Seoul National University of Education.

Dr Park's primary research areas encompass multimodal representation and artificial intelligence (AI) literacy in science classrooms. His work on multimodal representation in science education focuses on understanding how the coordination and integration of multiple modes of representation, such as written text, spoken language, diagrams, gestures, and materials, enhance the comprehension and learning of scientific concepts. Regarding AI literacy, he examines how to foster students' AI literacy, including the comprehension and application of AI concepts, tools, and methodologies, in the context of science education.

He is also interested in science demonstrations, with a focus on physics, to enhance teaching and learning. He currently leads the NIE Science Demonstration Classroom (SDC), which aims to engage pre-service and in-service teachers, as well as primary and secondary students, more interestingly and effectively in science.
Science education, physics education, primary science education, multimodal representation, AI literacy
  • Enhancing the epistemic power of multimodal explanations by incorporating quantitative data collected by sensor technologies
  • Shaping co-generative explanation by collaborative drawings in science c lassroom
  • Drafting Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy curriculum materials with STEM education
• 2020 Rising Researcher Award Korean Elementary Science Education Society (KESES)
• 2020 Outstanding Research Award Korean Elementary Science Education Society (KESES)
• 2019 Rising Researcher Award Korean Association for Science Education (KASE)
• 2018 Outstanding Research Award Korean Elementary Science Education Society (KESES)
• 2017 Outstanding Research Poster Award Korean Association for Science Education (KASE)
Courses Taught
Undergraduate Programme Courses
• ACP 22A Understanding Physics Curriculum
• ACP 42B Reflective Teaching and Inquiry in Physics
• ACS 20A Curriculum and Practices for Primary Science

Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme Courses
• QCP 52A Understanding Physics Curriculum
• QCS 50H Informal Science Learning Environment

Higher Degree Courses
• MSC 906 Representations and New Media in Science Education
• MED 902 Integrative Project
• MSC 909 STEM Curriculum and Instruction

In-service Programme Courses
• INS2202 Teaching Disciplinary Ideas in Physics at 'O' level
• INS4415 PCK for Topics in Physical Science
• INS0006 PCK in Teaching Energy and Forces
• INS1055 Implementing Practices of Science in Primary Classrooms
Supervision of PhD Students
Md Qawiem Md Jamil