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Dr Katherine Guangji Yuan
Education Research Scientist, OER Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice
Research Scientist, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
Controlled Keywords
Katherine Guangji Yuan is a Lecturer (Research Scientist) in Office of Education Research, National Institute of Education.
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, Cross-boundary Interaction, Knowledge Building Supported by Technology, Learning Analytics
  • Increase Impact of Education Research and Knowledge Mobilisation through community-based approach: A case of knowledge building community
  • Designing A Teacher Reflection Note for Promoting Cross-Community Interaction
  • Orchestrating the trajectories of Student-Generated Ideas (SGIs) through teacher-student discourses
  • Designing Group Activities to Enhance Undergraduates' Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Optimising capacity to improve ideas by investigating Brainwave Responses to ideaimprovement trigger with Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Designing A Teacher Reflection Note forPromotingCross-Community Interaction
  • Sustained Creative Discourse for Deep Learning: Synchronous, asynchronous and blended environment.
Presidential Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award at SUNY-Albany, USA
Courses Taught
2024 Jan: MED900 Educational Inquiry (Co-teach)
2024 Jan: MLT 909 Research Methodologies For The Learning Sciences (Co-teach)

2023 Aug: MED900 Educational Inquiry (Co-teach)
2023 Aug: MTCL910 Critical Inquiry in TCIL

2023 Jan: MTC906 Educational Inquiry Into Teaching and Learning (Co-teach)
2023 Jan: MLT909 Research Methodologies For The Learning Sciences (Co-teach)
2023 Jan: Research Methods In Exercise And Sport Studies (Co-teach)
2023 Jan: MED900 Educational Inquiry (Co-teach)

2022 Jan: AED40A_AED430: Research Project (Co-teach)