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Dr Jack Fogarty
Education Research Scientist, OER Centre for Science of Learning in Education
Research Scientist, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
Dr Jack Fogarty is a cognitive neuroscientist and early career researcher who completed his B.Psyc (1st Class Honours) and PhD in Psychophysiology at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He has worked as an EEG consultant and research officer for numerous research centres studying the brain structure and functioning related to processes including cognitive control, information processing, ageing and cognitive decline.

Dr Fogarty joined the Science of Learning and Education Centre at NIE NTU as a Research Scientist in 2021. His primary research interests include self-regulated learning, executive functioning, emotion, classroom-based research, and interactions between the central and autonomic nervous systems. His current research aims to explore the use of psychophysiological measures in learning environments and examine self-regulated learning.
Dr Jack Fogarty’s main areas of expertise are in psychophysiological research, information processing, and cognitive control (including executive function). His current research is focused on the application of psychophysiological measures in learning environments and the role of the central and autonomic nervous system in self-regulation. A major aim of this research is to develop ecologically valid biomarkers of self-regulated learning processes that can inform learning assessments and interventions.
  • Self-Regulated Learning, Emotion, and Achievement: Applying Multimodal Classroom Research in a Singapore School
  • Neurocognitive and lifestyle predictors of successful exercise-induced improvements in executive functioning
  • LOVING (Learning about Our behavior is Valuable for Increasing Nurturing relationships and healthy Growth)
  • Automated Boredom Detection using Multimodal Physiological Signals
  • Developing a Framework and Instrument for Examining the Nature of ResearchPractice Partnerships and Their Impact
  • Systematic Review of Trace and Microanalytic Measures of Self-Regulated Learning
  • Testing the Efficacy of School Activities Targeting Student Learning and Wellbeing