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Asst Prof Fu Yuguang
Assistant Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Journal Articles
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Fu, Y.*, Hoang, T., Mechitov, K., Spencer Jr, B.F. xShake: Intelligent Wireless System for Cost-effective Real-time Seismic Monitoring. Smart Structures and Systems, (accepted).

Fu, Y., Mechitov, K., Hoang, T., Kim, J.R., Memon, S.A., Spencer Jr, B.F.* (2020). Efficient and High-precision Time Synchronization for Sudden Event Monitoring using Wireless Smart Sensors. Structural Control and Health Monitoring, e 2643.

Fu, Y., Peng, C., Gomez, F., Narazaki, Y., Spencer Jr, B.F.* (2019). Sensor Fault Management Techniques for Wireless Smart Sensor Networks in Structural Health Monitoring. Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 26(7), e2362.

Fu, Y.*, Hoang, T., Mechitov, K., Spencer Jr, B.F., Kim, J. (2018). Sudden Event Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure using Demand-based Wireless Smart Sensors. Sensors, 18(12), 4480.

Fu, Y., Tong, L.*, He, L., Zhao, X.L. (2016). Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Behavior of CFRP-Strengthened Circular Hollow Section Gap K-Joints. Thin-Walled Structures, 102, 80-97.