Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Evelyn Au
Senior ICC Specialist, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core Office
Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core Office
Dr. Au is a Senior Lecturer for the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core module on Healthy Living and Wellbeing. She received her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Prior to joining NTU, she taught at universities in the United States and Singapore.

Her major research interest is perceived control. Her publications explicated cultural differences in the conceputalization of perceived control, and illuminated the divergent ways in which locus of control and self-efficacy predicted academic self-regulation, perceived stress, subjective well-being, and academic performance among undergraduates. Her research has been published in top-tier psychological journals, including Psychological Science and Organizational Behaviour & Human Decision Making Processes.
Perceived control, perceived stress, academic self-regulation, academic performance, subjective well-being.