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Asst Prof Zhu Gaoxia
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - Learning Sciences and Assessment
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Dr. Zhu Gaoxia is an assistant professor in the Learning Sciences and Assessment Academic Group. Before joining NIE, she worked as a postdoctoral associate at the Department of Psychology, Cornell University, researching how adolescents’ psychological factors change during their self-driven learning. Gaoxia received her Ph.D. degree in Curriculum & Pedagogy (specialization in Learning Sciences) from the University of Toronto, doing Knowledge Building, CSCL, learning analytics, emotion, and STEM education research. She has supervised students or research assistants at the University of Toronto and Cornell University in the areas of learning sciences and psychology. Her mentees have co-authored papers, presented at conferences, or attended competitions.
Gaoxia’s research lies at the intersections of Learning Sciences, Educational Technology, and Motivational Psychology. More specifically, her research has been focused on the following three strands:
(1) Understanding students’ social, cognitive, and emotional patterns in Knowledge Building, CSCL, or self-driven learning contexts using different methods (e.g., learning analytics, discourse analysis, quantitative methods);
(2) Designing pedagogical and technological supports to foster students' agency, collective responsibility, productive knowledge building, and emotional wellbeing;
(3) Examining how adolescents’ psychological factors (e.g., motivations, emotions, and self-regulation) change when they take more agency and responsibility for learning.
  • Designing Group Activities to Enhance Undergraduates Interdisciplinary Learning