Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Ms Ong Yi Ling
ICC Specialist, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core Office
Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core Office
As an avid educator, learner and volunteer, Yi Ling finds meaning in guiding individuals back to their strengths and values. She has taught children, youths and adults from primary to tertiary institutions. She believes true education and a flourishing life are rooted in care, community, connection, curiosity and courage. Currently, she is happy to be part of the ICC Healthy Living and Well-being team at NTU.

Skilled in curriculum development in subjects from music and narrative thinking to active and effective citizenry, she was formerly the module coordinator and co-developer of Narrative Thinking as a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic's School of Life Skills and Communication. Previously, she was a music coordinator at a primary school.

She has an MEd (English Literature) and a Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling, and enjoys mentoring youths and adults in work- and life-related endeavours outside her day job.
Well-Being, Emotional Intelligence, Career Counselling, Strengths, Positive Psychology, Coaching