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Dr Rosanne Jocson
Education Research Scientist, OER Centre for Research in Child Development
Research Scientist, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
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Journal Articles (Central)
Jocson, R. M.*, Alers-Rojas, F., Ceballo, R., & Cranford, J. A. (2022). Examining mothers' exposure to community violence: How does it influence young adolescents?. Child & Youth Care Forum, 51(null), 987-1004.

Hechanova, M. R. M., Alianan, A., Jocson, R. M., & Villasanta, A. P. (2022). Onl ine resilience peer support groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental Health and Social Inclusion, 26(1), 55-65.

Lachman, J. M., Alampay, L. P., Jocson, R. M., Alinea, C., Madrid, B., Ward, C., Hutchings, J., Mamauag, B. V., Garilao, M. A., & Gardner, F. (2021). Effectiveness of a parenti ng programme to reduce violence in a cash transfer system in the Philippines: RCT with follow-up. The Lancet Regional Health ' Western Pacific, 17(null), 100279.

Jocson, R. M.*, & Garcia, A. S. (2021). Religiosity and spirituality among mothers and fathers in the Philippines: Relations to p sychological well-being and parenting. Journal of Family Psychology, 35(6), 801-810.

Ceballo, R., Cranford, J. A., Alers-Rojas, F., Jocson, R. M., & Kennedy, T. M. (2021). What happens after school? Linking Latino adolescents' activities and exposure to community violence. Journal of You th and Adolescence, 50(10), 2007-2020.

Jocson R. M.* (2021). A dyadic analysis of depressive symptoms and harsh and rejecting parenting in Filipino mothers and fathers. Family Process, 60(2), 556-569.

Jocson, R. M.* (2020). Filipino fathers' parenting in the context of household and n eighborhood risk: Familism as a protective factor. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 26(4), 472-482.

Jocson, R. M.*, & Ceballo, R. (2020). Resilience in low-income Filipino mothers exposed to community violence: Religiosity and familism as protective factors. Psychology of Violence, 10(1), 8-17.

Book Chapters (Central)
Ceballo, R., Jocson, R. M., & Alers-Rojas, F. (2017). Parental educational involvement and Latino children's academic attainment.. In N. Cabrera & B. Leyendecker (Eds.), Handbook of positive development in minority children and youth(PP. 343-360). Cham : Springer.

McLoyd, V. C., Jocson, R. M., & Williams, A. B. (2016). Linking poverty and children's development: Concepts, models, and debates.. In L. M. Burton & D. Brady (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of the social science of poverty(PP. 141-165). New York : Oxford University Press.

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