Academic Profile : Faculty

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Asst Prof Elisa Prosperetti
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - Humanities & Social Studies Education
Journal Articles (Central)
Prosperetti, E. (in press). Le train qui voulait 'tre un masque : P'dagogie, technocratie, et scolarisation en C'te d'Ivoire postcoloniale. Cahiers Afriques, NA.

Prosperetti, E. (2019). 'Between Education and Catastrophe': C'te d'Ivoire's Programme d'Education T'l'visuelle and the Urgency o f Development (1968'1983). The Journal of African History, 60(1), 3-23.

Prosperetti, E. (2018). The Ivorian Origins of the Ghana Studies Association. Ghana Studies, 21, 121-9.

Prosperetti, E. (2018). The Hidden History of the West African Wager: Or, How Comparison with Ghana Made C 'te d'Ivoire. History in Africa, 45, 29-57.

Other Research Outputs/Projects (Central)


Prosperetti, E. (2021). [Review of null B eneath the Surface: A Transnational History of Skin Lighteners]. Revue d'histoire contemporaine de l'Afrique, NA.

Prosperetti, E. (2021). [Review of null No More to Spend: Neglect and the Construction of Scarcity in Malawi's History of Health Care]. H-Diplo Roundtable, NA.

Prosperetti, E. (2019). [Review of null Living with Nkrumahism: Nation, State, and Pan-Africanism in Ghana; Nkrumaism and African Nationalism: Ghana's Pan-African Foreign Policy in the Age of Decolonization; Nkrumah and the West: "The Ghana Experiment" in the British, American and German Archives]. Africa: Rivista di Studi e Ricerche, 121-4.

Prosperetti, E. (2018). [Review of Nigeria's University Age: Reframing Decolonisation and Development]. Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des 'tudes africaines, 391-2.

Prosperetti, E. (2017). [Review of African Miracle, African Mirage: Transnational Politics and the Paradox of Modernization in Ivory Coast]. Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des 'tudes africaines, 325-7.

Professional Articles

Prospe retti, E. (in press, April). Bouctou: An Africana Magazine for Students and Teachers (E-magazine published by the Center for African Studies at Howard University) How do you learn? The Master-Disciple Method of Instruction in Islamic West Africa, NA.

Prosperetti, E. (2018, December). Lib'ration Africa4 : Regards crois's sur l'Afrique 'ducation au Ghana et en C'te d'Ivoire, NA.