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Asst Prof Phillis Teng
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - Physical Education & Sports Science
Phillis is an Assistant Professor at the Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) Academic Group of NIE, NTU since 2022, with a passion in biomechanics research.

She obtained her B.Eng and M.Sc (Mechanical Engineering) from the National University of Singapore. She then went on to obtain her PhD in the field of Biomechanics (Title: Investigation of Foot Landing Techniques and Muscle Activation During Single-Leg Drop Landings: Implications for Non-Contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries) from NTU, after 6.5 years of industry engineering experience at Hewlett Packard (HP).

Since 2011, Phillis left HP as a Senior R&D Engineer and started work at the Institute for Sports Research (NTU) in areas including sport injury risk reduction; human perception in comfort and fit; mechanical shoe testing; 3D printed brace development using metamaterial structures; and biomechanics study of customized 3D printed insoles, especially for people with flat feet. In 2021, Phillis joined the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (a collaboration between NTU, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore and the National Healthcare Group) as senior research fellow.

Her research interests include biomechanics injury risk reduction and product development, and her current research is in the delay of knee osteoarthritis and early intervention using biomechanics gait study and footwear development.
Biomechanics, Injury Risk Reduction, Product Development
  • Proof-of-Concept Mechanical Footwear Development for Early Knee Osteoarthritis Intervention
  • Screening and Biomechanical Risk Factors for Early Knee Osteoarthritis
Inauguration Grant under the Singapore Teaching and Academic Research Talent Scheme
Courses Taught
Introduction to Sport Biomechanics

Analytical Biomechanics

Anatomical and Biomechanical Foundations of Physical Activity