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Dr Cyril John William Donnelly
Principal Research Fellow, Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore
Journal Articles
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Alexander, C.F., Reid, S., Stannage, K., Donnelly, C.J. (2019). Children with cerebral palsy have larger Achilles tendon moment arms than typically developing children. J. Biomech. 82: 307-312. [JIF 2.75, FOR Rank: Q1 (25/288)].

Wells, D, Alderson, J., Camomilla, V., Donnelly, C.J., Elliott, B., Cereatti, A. (2019). Elbow joint kinematics during cricket bowling using magneto-inertial sensors: A feasibility study. J Sports Sci. 37(5):515-524. [JIF 2.73, FOR Rank: Q1 (24/136)].

Donnelly, C.J. (2019). The applied impact of ‘naïve’ statistical modelling on clustered observations of motion data in injury biomechanics research. J. Sci. & Med. in Sport. 22(4):420-424. [JIF 3.62, FOR Rank: Q1 (13/81)].

Weir, G., Alderson, J., Smailes, N., Elliott, B., Donnelly, C.J. (2019). A reliable video-based ACL injury screening tool for female team sport athletes. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 40(3):191-199 [JIF 2.45, FOR Rank: Q1 (31/132)].

Nicholas, J.C., McDonald, K.A., Peeling, P., Jacksona, B., Dimmock, J.A, Alderson, J.A., Donnelly, C.J. (2018). Pole dancing for fitness: the physiological and metabolic demand of a 60-minute class. J Strength & Cond. Res. 10.1519/JSC.0000000000002889. [JIF 2.33, FOR Rank: Q1 (32/288)].