Academic Profile : No longer with NTU

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Liesbeth Frias
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Asian School of the Environment
I am a parasite ecologist, broadly interested in how host community structure influences/correlates with parasite communities, the extent to which parasites are shared across hosts, and the relationship between landscape conversion and host–parasite interactions. My PhD research focused on gastrointestinal parasite community assemblages in a multi–host system of Bornean primates living sympatrically in the Kinabatangan floodplain (Sabah, Malaysia). Since then I have expanded my research interests to explore interspecies interactions at the human–wildlife interface, and their consequences for parasite ecology. As part of the CHNS lab, my focus is on how land–use change alters host–parasite communities, transmission processes and ecosystem health. I am also interested in wildlife conservation and the development of good management practices for domestic animal ownership in areas of high rates of human–wildlife interaction, as well as land–use planning and public health.