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Dr Zeng Jialiu
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine)
Journal Articles
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P. Rai, K. S. Janardhan, J. Meacham, J. H. Madenspacher, W. Lin, P. W. F. Karmaus, J. Martinez, Q. Li, M. Yan, J. Zeng, M. W. Grinstaff, O. S. Shirihai, G. A. Taylor, M. B. Fessler (2021). IRGM1 links mitochondrial quality control to autoimmunity. Nature Immunology, 22: 312-321.

D. J. Klionsky, …, J. Zeng, et al. (2021). Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition). Autophagy, 17(1): 1-382.

J. Zeng*, O. S. Shirihai, M. W. Grinstaff* (2020). Modulating lysosomal pH: a molecular and nanoscale materials design perspective. Journal of Life Sciences, 2(4): 25-37. (*Co-corresponding author)

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J. Zeng, O. S. Shirihai, M. W. Grinstaff. (2019). Degradable nanoparticles restore lysosomal pH and autophagic flux in lipotoxic pancreatic beta cells. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 8(12): 1801511.

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