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Asst Prof Kevin Chew
Assistant Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
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Kevin Chew received his PhD in 2021 from the University of Cambridge, where he also completed an MPhil in Screen Media and Cultures and a BA in French and German. His PhD research was funded by the Gates Cambridge Trust. He was an Associate Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in 2020 and a Postdoctoral Affiliate at the University of Cambridge from 2021–22. His teaching experience spans American, European and Asian cinema.
Kevin's debut article on Disney's Zootopia examines the use of animal allegory to portray racism as a discourse of primal war. It argues that such a discourse ultimately demands the extinction of minority populations; a fate ironically exemplified in the animal bodies that supply the allegorical figures of the film. His second article on Disney's Moana, which treats the animation of the ocean as a demonstration of an ecological pattern of thought, is forthcoming in the New Review of Film and Television Studies. Kevin's current projects include a book based on his PhD thesis examining political conflict in contemporary Disney animation, as well as a research paper on ecological and military visions in the films of Hayao Miyazaki.
  • A Cultural-theoretical Analysis of the Anthropocene Imagination in Popular Cinematic Portrayals of the Ocean
  • A theorization of the utility of film criticism in the education of the military professional