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Li Kang Jerrold Quek
Lecturer, School of Humanities
Prior to joining NTU-LCC full-time, Jerrold taught and facilitated a variety of courses on Academic Writing, Professional Communication, Linguistics and English Language in various institutions. Having studied Linguistics and English Literature, he enjoys a good conversation on such topics like first language acquisition, sociolinguistics, poetry and the works of Shakespeare and Jane Austen. He has a particular interest in English in Singapore and Singlish, and how language is used to build, communicate, and maintain relationships, both personal and professional, and in various contexts.
English in Singapore, Singlish, Colloquialism, Sociolinguistics,
(Interdisciplinary) Academic Writing, Professional Communication
Courses Taught
CC0001- Inquiry and Communication in an Interdisciplinary World
HW0288 - Engineering Communication