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Asst Prof Zhan Fangqiong
Assistant Professor, National Institute of Education - Asian Languages & Cultures
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Dr. Zhan received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Chinese linguistics, and her research interests include Chinese language acquisition and pedagogy, contrastive studies of English and Chinese, and diachronic construction grammar. Dr. Zhan has been working on the application of cognitive linguistics to the Chinese language teaching and learning, as well as on the application of the theoretical framework of diachronic construction grammar to the Chinese languages. Her research contributes a more detailed understanding of how Chinese languages evolve over time. Her publications, being the single or first author, occur in a few high-level peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Pragmatics, Chinese Language and Discourse, Lingua, Diachronica, Journal of Historical Pragmatics, Studies in Language, Functions of Language, Language and Linguistics, and Journal of Chinese Linguistics. She is the author of the book The Structure and Function of Chinese Copula Construction: A Constructional Approach, and the translator of the Chinese version of the masterpiece Constructionalization and Constructional Changes.
General Linguistics; Chinese Language acquisition and pedagogy; Contrastive studies of English and Chinese; Diachronic Construction Grammar
  • A cognitive-based investigation of P3 students' learning of Chinese grammar in Singapore bilingual context
2020- Junior Fellow (The Hong Kong Academy of Humanities)

2013- Shanghai Pujiang Talents (Shanghai PSSP office)

2007- Best Teaching Award (University of California, Santa Barbara)

2003- Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (Chinese Education Ministry)
Courses Taught
DSC 100 Modern Chinese Grammar