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Wu Dongshuang
Nanyang Assistant Professor, School of Materials Science & Engineering
Dongshuang Wu is an assistant professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. She earned her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (including Chemical Physics) from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2014) and B. Eng. in Materials Chemistry from Heilongjiang University (2009). Prior to her appointment at NTU, she was a specific research fellow and an assistant professor both at the Kyoto University (2014-2022).
Dongshuang Wu is interested in the development of nanomaterials with dedicatedly controlled composition, size, shape, and crystal structure, particularly metals and their alloys for catalysis, energy-related applications and beyond. Her group is revealing the hidden intrinsic factors/laws that link the structure of nanomaterials with target applications, with the support from advanced characterization tools, theoretical methods, and data-driven studies.
  • Developing Long-lived Catalysts for Efficient Seawater Splitting in Non-alkaline electrolyte
  • Developing a Nano-manufacturing Platform for High-entropy-alloy Nanoparticles by Combining High-throughput Fabrication and Material Informatics Study
  • Liquid Metals as Carbon Dioxides Hydrogenation Catalysts for High-value Products
  • Tailoring of crystallographic texture of metallic coatings for enhanced hydrogen embrittlement resistance through additive manufacturing
IAAM Young Scientist Medal (European Advanced Materials Congress, Sweden, 2016)
Langmuir Best Poster Awards (Colloidal Conference, Japan 2019)
Excellence Awards on the “Outstanding Utilization Result” from Nanotechnology Platform, MEXT, Japan (2021)
Courses Taught
MS2014 Materials Structure and Defects
MS3013 Electrochemical Corrosion (Lab module)
MS4640 Advanced Analysis of Materials
Supervision of PhD Students
WANG Yuanyuan, ZHU Bing, XU Yifan

Exchange Students from China Scholarship Council (CSC): HAN Zengyu, HUANG Shaoda