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Dr Divya Bhardwaj
Research Fellow, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
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Dr. Divya Bhardwaj is a research fellow at the Office of Education Research, NIE. She holds a PhD and an M.Sc. in Mathematics. Since 2011, she has been involved in various projects at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, as well as the Mathematics and Mathematics Education centre in NIE. Dr. Bhardwaj manages the Core Research Office, overseeing activities for the CORE Research Programme and providing support in synthesizing research findings. Currently, she is involved in the CORE 4 Phase 1 study of the CORE Research Programme, which is a large-scale baseline suite of empirical studies into Singaporean classroom pedagogies. Her research interests include qualitative/baseline classroom studies involving the teaching and learning of mathematics, classroom pedagogies, and international comparative studies on mathematics education.
Classroom studies involving teaching and learning of mathematics
Classroom pedagogy
Qualitative/Baseline studies
International comparative studies on mathematics education
2022: NIE NEXUS Award (Team C3MT)
2021: NIE Long Service Award (10 Years)