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Dr Tan Aik Lim
Research Fellow, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
Dr. Tan Aik Lim is a Research Fellow in the Science of Learning in Education Centre (SoLEC), Office of Education Research at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. He received his PhD in Education from the University of Queensland, Australia.
His research interests lie in the field of constructivism approaches to learning, motivation, interest development and passion. Through an ecological and physiological perspective, he is interested in understanding what affects interest development in learners, and its impact on students' development of socio-emotional competencies such as resilience and self-efficacy.
- Interest Development
- Passion and well-being
- Informal Learning
- Psychophysiology and learning
- Science of Learning
  • PROSPER: Promoting Neuroprotective Out-of-classroom Playful Learning Interventions for Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Mathematical Competence of Pre-schoolers
  • Investigating the Ecological Influences of Interest: A Physiological and Socio-Cultural Perspective
  • Game-Based Digital Biomarkers for Enhancing Mathematics Well-being of At-Risk Learners
  • DRivers, Enablers and pathways of Adolescent developMent in Singapore (DREAMS): The Singapore Longitudinal Cohort Study (SG-LCS) Phase 1
  • Understanding the Development and Drivers of Adolescents' EducationalPathways: The Singapore Longitudinal Cohort Study (Phase 1 of Year 1)
  • The role of parents in promoting better social competence and self-regulation in early childhood
Courses Taught
AGE06A: Brain Literacy for Educators