Academic Profile : Faculty

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Dr Lee Vwen Yen Alwyn
Education Research Scientist, OER Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice
Research Scientist, National Institute of Education - Office of Education Research
Dr Lee has led research and development teams in education and industrial projects. His main research and teaching interests are in Artificial Intelligence in education (AIED), learning analytics, technology-supported assessment (TSA), internet of things (IoT), and educational technologies. Dr Lee's prominent works include use of learning analytics and machine learning for understanding knowledge building discourse within CSCL environments. He has chaired international sub-conferences and doctoral consortium, and was also the chair of the APSCE student wing in the Asia-Pacific region. Dr Lee was twice awarded the Dean's Commendation for Research at NIE, Outstanding Mentor Award in the Science Mentorship Programme, and was also a 3M Best Poster Awardee. He currently teaches post-graduate students and in-service teachers and look forward to broadening his research network.
Learning Analytics; Machine Learning; Technology-supported assessment, Artificial Intelligence in education; Educational Technologies
Dean's Commendation for Research 2018;
Dean's Commendation for Research 2017;
Outstanding Mentor Award 2013;
3M Best Poster Award 2013
Fellowships & Other Recognition
Nominated Best Paper Award at GCCCE2018
Courses Taught
Technology Supported Assessment (MLT913)
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building (MLT902)
Basic Concepts and Techniques in Qualitative Data Analyses (MGE902)
Tech-Enabled Assessment (MLS3406)
Tech-Enhanced Student Assessment Literacy (ILA0034)
Instructional Design Models and Practices (MID901)