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Asst Prof Lew Zijian
Assistant Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
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I adopt social and psychological approaches to study online social influence, including how people change each other or even themselves by sharing information in digital environments. I am also interested in online self-presentation, metacognitive processes when using digital technologies, and human-machine interaction.

My current areas of focus can be found in the "research interests" tab below (for a broad overview) or on my website (for details), which is linked above.
My current research involves several broad questions:

(1) How does the sending of messages on social media influence the message senders themselves?
(2) How do people experience, evaluate, and react to media content that have themes associated with mixed affect (e.g., melancholy, gratitude, nostalgia)?
(3) How can the sharing or viewing of "meaningful" messages via online platforms influence people (in positive or negative ways)?
  • Self-effects via online digital platforms in a mental health context: How people can persuade themselves by making self-presentations, and the factors that facilitate this phenomenon
  • Toxic positivity online: How the display of positivity on social media can lead to negative outcomes for message senders and audiences