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Asst Prof Jacque Gao
Assistant Professor
Journal Articles
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Gao, Jacque. “Investment with Insecure Property Rights: Capital Outflow Openness under Dictatorship.” The Review of International Organizations 17.3 (2022): 569-595.

Gao, Jacque. “On Runoff Elections and Plurality Voting: Information Revelation under Divided Majority.” Homo Oeconomicus (2022): 1-9.

Gao, Jacque. “Democratization in the Shadow of Globalization.” International Organization 75.3 (2021): 698-734.

Gao, Jacque. “Solving the Guardianship Dilemma by War.” Journal of Theoretical Politics 33.4 (2021): 455-474.

Duggan, John, and Jacque Gao. “Lobbying as a Multidimensional Tug of War.” Social Choice and Welfare 54.1 (2020): 141-166.
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