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Asst Prof Guangwei Hu
Nanyang Assistant Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Dr. Guangwei Hu is the Nanyang Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He obtained the B.Sc. degree of Physics from Harbin Institute Technology (China) in 2016, and PhD degree from National University of Singapore (Singapore) in 2020. He was also the visiting research scholar in UT Austin and ASRC, CUNY. He obtained the postdoc training from Stanford University (US).

He has published more than 90 papers, including Nature (4), Nature Nanotechnology (1), Nature Photonics (2), Nature Electronics (1), eLight (3), Physical Review Letters (1), Nature Communications (10), Science Advances (2), Chemical Reviews (2), Light Science & Applications (4), Advanced Materials (3), Nano Letters (7), ACS Nano (4), Advanced Optical Materials (6) and etc.

His research has been selected as the Top 10 Breakthrough in Physics of 2020 by Physics World, Optics and Photonics News (Year of Optics in 2021), China’s Top 10 Breakthrough in Optics in 2021, Cover of Nature Photonics, and many others. He is the recipient of 20th Anniversary Challenge Award by Optica Foundation in 2022, Rising Star of Light by Light: Science & Applications in 2020, NUS President's Graduate Fellowship and others.

He is an associate editor of npj Nanophotonics.
Dr. Hu's group has the broad interest on fundamentals and applications of photonics, i.e. general optical physics and optical engineering on light-matter interactions. Below is his current research interest:

(1) Multispectral nanophotonics from visible, mid-IR and THz frequency, both in classical and quantum regime;

(2) Optical material platforms:
Natural matters:
* Optoelectronics with low-dimensional quantum nanomaterials and van der Waals nanomaterials;
* Twistronics for photons in twisted-bilayer 2D materials;
* Bulk optic crystals;

Artificial matters:
* Metasurfaces, metamateials,
* Photonic crystals,
* Plasmonic crystals;

(3) Emerging photonic technologies:
* Miniaturised Microscopy/Bio-imaging;
* Quantum sensing, quantum imaging and computations.
* Optical computations;
* Integrated photonic chips;
* AR/VR based on flat-optics;
* Thermal photonics for green energy (radiative cooling, thermal management, near-field heat transfer etc.);
* Polaritonics based on 2D and vdW materials;
* Inverse design, Optical neural networks, AI for photonics etc.

Dr. Hu is always seeking the excellent candidates of Postdoctoral Research Fellow, PhD scholarships, Visiting Scholar/Students, FYP student and others to join his group. Please feel free to contact him for any scientific discussions and opportunities.
  • Harnessing Momentum-Space Topology in Heterogeneous Nanostructures to Generate Optical Polarization Mobius Strips
  • Harnessing Randomness and Chaos in Complex Disordered Photonic Systems
  • Harnessing Randomness and Chaos in Complex Disordered Photonic Systems - WP2 Design of high-performance spectrometer and imaging systems by tailoring non-Hermiticity
  • Multispectral Nanophotonics for Sustainability
  • On-Chip Multifunctional Terahertz Router with Dispersion-Engineered Metasurfaces
  • Single-shot, Isotropic and Miniaturized Differential Interference Contrast (SIM-DIC) Microscopy Based on Computational Flat-Optics
  • Ultrafast Metadevice-Circuit QED Interface: Towards Scaled-up Quantum Computers
  • Workscope 3 - Compact-dimension Nonlocal Metaphotonics with Geometric Quantum Effects (Main programme: Geometric Interface Optics: A Synthetic Platform for High-capacity & Low-dimensional Metaphotonics)
2024 -- Early Career Award in Nanophotonics, 2023 (for significant contributions to hyperbolic polaritonics and twistronics in nanophotonics)
2023 -- Young Researcher Award, QM2PO (Workshop on Quantum Materials for 2D Photonics & Optoelectronics) 2023 (Singapore)
2023 -- Young Researcher Award, iSPN 2023 (Singapore)
2023 -- Forbes 30 Under 30 (Asia), Healthcare & Science, Class of 2023
2022 -- Innovators Under 35 (China), MIT Technology Review, Class of 2022
2022 -- Winner of Emerging Leaders by Journal of Optics (IOP Publishing)
2022 -- 20th Anniversary Challenge Award by Optica Foundation
2021 -- Optics and Photonics News (Year of Optics)
2021 -- China’s Top 10 Breakthrough in Optics
2020 -- Top 10 Breakthrough in Physics by Physics World
2020 -- Rising Star of Light by Light: Science & Applications
2019 -- NUS President's Graduate Fellowship
Fellowships & Other Recognition
2023 -- Cover Image, Nature Photonics (2023)
Courses Taught
EE3018 Introduction to Photonics
Supervision of PhD Students
Yuchen Sun, Xiaoxue Wang