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Dr Zheng-Wei Lee
Lecturer, Medical Education, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Lecturer, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Journal Articles
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Education Scholarships
Yeong FM, Lee Z-W, Lee SC. (2021, March 26). Leveraging on technological affordances for emergency remote teaching – experience with a large class undergraduate module. ASCILITE TELall Blog.

Lee Z-W, Yeong FM. (2020). Online conferencing platform provides opportunity for reciprocal teaching. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 2020; 1–2.

Lee Z-W, Chew Y, Yeong FM. (2020). Exploring context-based teaching of statistical literacy and graphical communication in a Life Sciences module in an Asian University. Asian Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, 10(2). 118-133.

Yeong FM, Lee Z-W, Chew Y, Lee SC. (2020, August 19). (Ambient) Lights, (iPhone) Camera, (Simulated) Action! Shooting videos for laboratory demonstrations using what we have on hand. Teaching Connections.

Lee SC, Lee Z-W, Yeong FM. (2019). Using social annotations to support collaborative learning in a Life Sciences module. Personalised Learning. Diverse Goals. One Heart. Proceedings ASCILITE 2019: 487-492.

Scientific Publications
Lee Z-W, Teo X-Y, Song ZJ, Nin DS, Novera W, Choo BA, Brian DW, Philip KM, Huang RY-J and Deng L-W. (2017) Intracellular hyper-acidification potentiated by hydrogen sulfide mediates invasive and therapy resistant cancer cell death. Front. Pharmacol. 8.

Lee Z-W, Teo X-Y, Tay E Y-W, Tan C-H, Thilo H, Philip KM, Deng L-W. (2014). Utilizing hydrogen sulfide as a novel anti-cancer agent by targeting cancer glycolysis and pH imbalance. Br. J. Pharmacol. 171(18):4322-36.

Lee Z-W, Low Y-L, Huang S, Wang T and Deng L-W. (2014). Cystathionine-γ-lyase/hydrogen sulfide system maintains cellular glutathione status. Biochem. J. Vol. 460(3), 425-435.

Lee Z-W, Zhou J, Chen C-S, Zhao Y, Tan C-H, Li L, Philip KM and Deng L-W. (2011). The slow-releasing hydrogen sulfide donor, GYY4137, exhibits novel anti-cancer effects in vitro and in vivo. PLoS One 6(6): e21077.

Novera W, Lee Z-W, Nin DS, Mirjam JAD, Tan TZ, Dai MZY, Sim AYL, Long YC, Wu W, Huang RY-J, Deng L-W. (2020). Cysteine deprivation targets ovarian clear cell carcinoma via oxidative stress and iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis deficit. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling.

Song ZJ, Ng MY, Lee Z-W, Dai W, Thilo H, Philip KM, Huang D, Deng L-W and Tan C-H. (2014). Hydrogen sulfide donors in research and drug development. Med. Chem. Commun. 5, 557-570.

Wu H, Krishnakumar S, Yu J, Qi H, Lee Z-W, Deng L-W, Huang D. (2014). Highly selective and sensitive near infrared fluorescent probes for detection of cellular H2S and imaging of H2S in mice. ChemAsianJ. 9(12):3604-11.

Nin DS, Wujanto C, Tan TZ, Lim D, Damen JMA, Wu KY, Dai ZM, Lee Z-W, ... & Deng L-W. (2021). GAGE mediates radio resistance in cervical cancers via the regulation of chromatin accessibility. Cell Reports, 36(9), 109621.
Book Chapters
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Lee Z-W, Deng L-W. (2015). Role of H2S donors in cancer biology. Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Hydrogen Sulfide, Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 230. 243-265.