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Dr Jessica Cara Ng
ICC Specialist, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core Office
Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core Office
Dr. Jessica Ng is a social psychologist with a Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore (NUS), where her specialization in motivation and mindsets has fueled her academic journey centered on understanding the factors that drive individuals to thrive.

Moving beyond the exploration of thriving, Jessica's work extends to unraveling and translating the science of happiness and well-being. Her mission is to demystify psychology by presenting intricate concepts in relatable, everyday terms. By doing so, she aspires to empower individuals to thrive and discover happiness through practical, science-backed tools they can apply in their daily lives.

Jessica's teaching journey began in junior colleges and polytechnics prior to her pursuit of a Ph.D. Her commitment to education has been acknowledged through multiple teaching awards. Jessica maintains a keen interest in refining teaching methods and pedagogy, ensuring a continuous improvement in her educational practices. Through her combined expertise in psychology and teaching, Jessica seeks to contribute to both the understanding of happiness and the accessible dissemination of knowledge for personal well-being and growth.
Mindsets, Motivation, Self-Regulation, Happiness, Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mental Well-Being
Courses Taught
CC0005 - Healthy Living and Well-Being