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Asst Prof Tamisha Lauren Tan
Assistant Professor, School of Humanities
Tamisha L. Tan is an Assistant Professor in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, specialising in the investigation of morphosyntactic theory through the lens of understudied languages and Historical Linguistics. Dr Tan's work seeks to explore the holistic relationship between collaborative approaches to language documentation, the rigorous and principled study of diachronic change, and theoretically-informed models of the underlying structure of synchronic grammar. While focusing especially on the Austronesian languages of East Indonesia (and of Timor specifically), she also explores morphophonological alternations and syntactic constructions in several older Indo-European languages such as Sanskrit, Gothic, and Tocharian.

Prior to joining NTU, Dr Tan received her PhD and MA in Linguistics from Harvard University with the support of the HASS International PhD Scholarship. Under the Singapore Teaching and Academic Research Talent scheme (START), she was also an inaugural recipient of the MOE-AU Scholarship, through which she completed her BA (Hons) in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge.
- Morphology and Syntax (voice, valency alternations and applicativisation, agreement, case)
- Historical Linguistics (grammaticalisation, morphologisation, reanalysis)
- Austronesian Languages (Timoric, Sumba-Flores, Malayic, Balinese)
  • The synchrony and diachrony of Austronesian languages in Maritime Southeast Asia: Comparative and collaborative approaches.
Fellowships & Other Recognition
National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant
Harvard University Presidential Fellowship