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Dr Li Dong
Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Journal Articles
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[1] Dong Li, Nishant Mishra, and Serguei Netessine (2023).Contracting for product support under information asymmetry. Management Science. 69(8), 4627-4645.

[2] Dong Li, Chuanwen Dong (2022). Government regulations to mitigate the shortage of life-saving goods in the face of a pandemic. European Journal of Operational Research. 301(3), 942-955.

[3] Dong Li, Nishant Mishra. (2022). The impact of parts obsolescence on contracts for durable goods with after-sales service. International Journal of Production Research. 60(16), 5087-5107.

[4] Dong Li, Li Li. (2022). Negotiation for service contracting: Incentives, bargaining power, and customer risk aversion. International Transactions in Operational Research. 29(6), 3592-3621.

[5] Dong Li, Nishant Mishra. (2021). Engaging suppliers for reliability improvement under outcome-based compensations. Omega - The International Journal of Management Science. 102, 102343.

[6] Dong Li. (2020). When less is more: Recovery technology investment and segmentation for uptime-centered services. European Journal of Operational Research. 286(1), 267-281.

[7] Wang, P.P., Ming, X.G., Dong Li., Kong, F.B., Wang, L., Wu, Z.Y. (2011). Status review and research strategies on product-service systems. International Journal of Production Research. 49(22), 6863-6883.

[8] Wang, L., Ming, X.G., Kong, F.B., Dong Li., Wang, P.P. (2011). Focus on implementation: A framework for lean product development. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management. 23(1), 4–24.
Other Research Outputs/Projects
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[1] 2023 - RESILIENCE+: Assessment Framework for Supply Chain Resilience [I23D1AG014], A*STAR GAP Funding, Singapore.

[2] 2023 - AI-FusionCast: AI-Powered Supply Chain Forecasting System, A*STAR GAP Funding, Singapore.

[3] 2019 - Contracting and Optimal Decision-Making for Performance-Based Product Repair Service Management, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), China.