Academic Profile : Faculty

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Asst Prof Yiwen Zeng
Assistant Professor, Asian School of the Environment
Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences
Yiwen is an Assistant Professor in Environment and Society. He holds a joint appointment between the Asian School of Environment (ASE) and the School of Social Science (SSS).

Trained as an applied ecologist and geospatial modeller, Yiwen has worked on a diverse range of topics including invasive species, Sustainable Development Goals, nature-based climate solutions and protected areas. His research is aimed at finding socially responsible and ecologically sound ways to deal with the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.
Yiwen's research is fundamentally focused on the intersection of conservation, climate change and communities. Examples of recent topics he and his group is working on includes the potential and limits of market-based mechanisms to fund conservation interventions, the conservation potential of various land-management strategies, and human-wildlife conflict. His work spans terrestrial and coastal ecosystems, and is typically focused on the Asia-Pacific region.