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Dr Li Ding
Assistant Professor, College of Business (Nanyang Business School) - Division of Information Technology & Operations Management
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Li Ding is an assistant professor in Information Technology and Operations Management at the Nanyang Technological University. Her research focuses on the social impacts of gig economy and socially responsible supply chains. Li analyzes data and conduct experiments across various gig platforms, including online labor markets, food delivery, and crowdfunding platforms. Her research aims to understand how individuals make discretionary decisions and develop interventions to improve efficiency, inclusiveness, and equity within these systems. Li has published in journals such as Journal of Operations Management. She has received awards for academic excellence such as the 2023 JOM Jack Meredith Best Paper Award (Honorable Mention) and the 2022 Ashford Watson Stalnaker Memorial Award for Student Excellence.

Li is also passionate about teaching. She has taught Quantitative Analysis for Business at Scheller, Georgia Tech and received Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Spring 2023 CIOS Honor Roll and Thank-A-Teacher certificate.

Li is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Operations Management and has served as a reviewer for Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Production Economics, and the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) conference.

Li received her Ph.D. from Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech in 2024.
Context: Future of Work, People-Centric Operations, Gig Economy, Supply Chain Management, Social Responsibility

Methodology: Econometrics, Structural estimation, Experiment, Event study
JOM Jack Meredith Best Paper Award (Honorable Mention), 2023

Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Semester CIOS Honor Roll, Georgia Tech, 2023

Thank-a-Teacher Certificate, Georgia Tech, 2023

Ashford Watson Stalnaker Memorial Award for Student Excellence, Scheller College of Business, 2022
Courses Taught
MGT 2255 Quantitative Analysis for Business (Undergraduate core) at Georgia Tech